I have had hard time getting my payments updated in ledger through the mechanism in place. I assume there are others too, going through the issue, I am not alone. But in any case, I request the MC to reflect on pecuniary issues that at times could have implications to cripple average household economy.

Here is the issue:

Recently, I electronically paid two SMC of Rs 10,808 each on June 8th and Aug 24th against Invoices (documents- 1A) and (documents- 2A) respectively. Immediately after payments, I emailed the transaction details 1  and details 2 on respective occasions to three emails: valencia.roadpali@gmail.com | admin-akshar-valencia@commonfloor.com | and sriashish@hotmail.com|

Upon pursuing with Soc. Manager, I was emailed the receipt of payment dtd. June 8th on June 14th [Manager’s standard answer was that it was not his Job. I then made him understand that he is centralised point of contact and taking up the issue to concerned person is his job. And that if everybody takes up every small issue directly to MC, the committee will be overburdened. Finally, he acceded to my logic and receipt was emailed to me (documents- 3.)]

As earlier mentioned, during my most recent payment dtd. 24.08.2019 too, I emailed the transaction details over the dedicated emails but didn’t get any receipt till Sept 1st. So, on sept 1st I contacted manager and requested him to contact the account staff and email me the receipt.  Citing certain reasons, he assured to get back to me in a while. Sadly, I was never got updated till sept 11th . So, my husband Sh. Yadav called Manager and shot a message pointing sheer inefficiency and laxity on his part.

In the event of no communication in the matter, again in the afternoon of Sept 12th we made a call to manger to take stock of what was going on. Shortly, I am updated on email that earlier receipt sent to me against SMC payment dated 8.06.2019 stands cancelled as the transaction details are not matching. And, instead getting a receipt of payments made on Aug. 24th I am raised an escalated invoice, understandably with SMCs payable for last two quarters again and interest thereon. I was expecting an Invoice for Rs 57K but now it was amounting to Rs.80K (documents- 4.)

Considering the festivity of Visarjan due on day itself I didn’t turn any harsh, instead emailed bank account statements (documents-5.) including earlier transaction details (documents- 1 & 2 above) and requested the manager to convey my request onward to look into the details carefully and not to go crazy in haste. I went awestruck not about my payments dtd Aug 24th but about my payment dtd. June 8th for which I was already emailed a receipt and now the staff working in hindsight was itself denying the payment.

Few hours later this developments on 12.09.2019 itself  I checked my Commonfloor account and to my surprise the Outstanding was reflecting Rs 58,018/-. I took a screenshot of my account (documents- 6. ). This was a flawed calculation to my best belief but I again maintained peace and the reason was again the Visarjan in which family was a participant. While I was boiling from inside at the inefficiency of people on Job and thought of bringing the ORDEAL to the notice of MC sometime later, the account staff made one more correction and brought the OS figure to Rs 57K (documents- 7. ) on 15.09.2019.

Amazing thing is that I am not emailed any clarification on how all this mess went about. If an electronic payment made on June 8th takes 3 months’ time to be verified with time consuming, head scratching, irritating Ordeal to a person who knows maths, I am sure situation like this is very inflicting to everyone whoever comes across.

So, here is my request:

  • If my case is a standalone, MC member may issue a simple censure to the agency on Job. If other residents are too having such experiences, the MC must think seriously to replace these un-professional people. The ordeal is very time consuming and irritating. … pursue the system for weeks and then get a whole new distorted calculation sheet.
  • Electronic payments made should be acknowledged within 48 hours so that mess of this kind can be ruled out.



This part is for co-residents who are not aware of how this Rs.57K outstanding is still there and why I am not talking about? Few might express curiosity through comments, so, I thought putting across this thing too. In fact, it is a different story; it is not SMC and no Capex issue either.

My last enquiry with society in May last year revealed that Builder owed to society a sum of Rs. 32K in respect of 1102A, I am not sure how. My purchase is of Feb 2016 directly from builder. Society itself came into being in July 2016. Hence, I am immuned to any liability whatsoever raised in the name of builder. I am also learnt that this initial 32K has accumulated to 57K. I have paid all SMC and interest thereon wherever delayed since my purchase. Last year at one point of time, I needed “No Dues NOC” for Interior-loan which I was denied and I was forced to borrow from non-institutionalized sources at almost double interest rate. During last one year, I have represented to society on three occasions to issue me NOC but no answer yet. A Legal action is contemplated for denying my right and imposed financial situations. Rs 57K is this plain simple story!