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I am kavita under pen name of kavitha and owner of shefad. I am a freelance content writer, blogger, and a digital marketer. While I run a couple of blogs, I am more into article writing for other bloggers including some of the big websites on the web.

Academically, I have been an Honours graduate in Chemistry and have earned a diploma in Interior designing too. Surprisingly however, none of the fields could lure me enough to make a breakthrough in their respective domains.

By virtue of my inner instincts, I am an enterprising women with an aim to make it big as an entrepreneur. So, in the initial years of my practical life, I worked with some biggest Network Marketing companies on the planet. I rose to the ladders of success quite rapidly but circumstances forced me to stay home.

I come from a family where elders have been into Police Services and Defence. The background gave me enough of inspiration to stand for my values and being straightforward in my interactions with the world. My father himself has been one of the longest serving faculty of law in the state police academy.

With all this in backdrop, I chose to become a content writer in specific Niches of Law, Marketing, Lifestyle, Health & Fitness, Blockchain & Crypto, Career& Education, Life hacks & Personal Growth.  And, I am further specializing in ghost-writing for books.

Should you need content writing done for your blog, magazine etc. you may contact me at Your Requirements Page Here!

Here are the applicable standard rates (inclusive of all taxes) as per varying length of article/content: 500 Words- $8, 1000 words- $15, 1500 words- $24, 2000 Words-  $30, 2200 words- $32, 2500 words-  $35, 3000 words- $50, 4000 words- $70, 5000 words- $100. Standard delivery time is 48 hours, if you need your content within 24 hours from the point of agreed contract the rates will revise upwards by 50%.

P.S: I have also mastered the art of On-page SEO so, you can mention the requirement of contents in the optimized format. Apart from shefad.com, a glimpse of contents  optimized  by me can be seen over some of my other blogs viz. PreventiveOfficer.com, Flitmart.com, Infopreneurship101.com, CryptoCrypto101.com, Career101.in,  hemorrhoids.siterubix.com

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