Dear Valencia Co- Owners!

Buying a home is the lifetime dream of middle class which majority us belong to. But, what if you soon start realizing that the decision of buying home in a society was a nightmare!  Majority of us have been through this, from the day one. The reasons:  Autocratic, Unresponsive and Discriminatory style of Management!

A group of volunteers, by name V Club formed with some 45 co-residents, has decided to change all this for the good, with a new Experiment in Society administration. And, accordingly it has fielded 12 volunteers to contest the upcoming Election, due on Sept 11, 2022. Two (2) of our volunteers viz. Sh. Darshan Barapatre and Sh. Niwrutti Umale are wining unopposed. The other 10 below, all with STAR symbol, will be contesting against those, NOT part of our ideology so far.

We all have Star as Symbol: actual visuals on ballot may differ!


Sr. V Club CandidatesIdentifier ImageElection Symbol
1.Goyal ArchanaStar
2.Kumari Kavita Star


Sr.V Club CandidatesIdentifier ImageElection Symbol
1.Beohar Priyesh RameshkumarStar
2.Dash Gobinda ChandraStar
3.Gowda Rakshit SubbeStar
4.Hule Chetan UmakantStar
5.Pillai Ajay Shankar SivasankarStar
6.Sengupta Sayan SabyasachiStar
7.Singh SastendraStar
8.Verma Sikander Kumar SahadevStar

OBC & SC/ST CONSTITUENCY (Elected Un-Opposed)

Sr.V Club CandidatesIdentifier ImageElection Symbol
1.Umale Niwrutti PandurangUnopposed OBC
2.Barapatre Priyadarshan K.Unopposed SC/ST

A Brief NOTE on V Club

The V Club is an ideological group of Valencia co-residents which espouses democracy, transparency, inclusiveness and a bottom up approach in managing the society affairs. Anyone, who is willing to commit to these values, can join us, it’s not restricted to current 45.

Although, the Vclub is non-elected group of people, it will enjoy the supreme authority for the candidates fielded by it even after they get elected. Meaning, the debates and discussions in V Club will be a pre-requisite for the MC to decide things.  Be it, change of security, bringing in a renovation project, signing a new AMC, charging the additional maintenance etc.

Earlier, the MC decided and the residents followed; henceforth the mass will debate and decide and the MC will have to act upon. This is what we mean as a bottom up approach. This is also the best ever version of democracy, working on the decentralization of power. V club will also take up the voices unheard and the discriminations, earlier quite a normal thing.

The Broad Outline of Manifesto Agreed to, by The V Club

  1. Welcoming of new owner
  2. Handing over a list of what makes becoming a co-resident  
  3. Simplification of NOC process.
  4. Creating a Supportive atmosphere for tenants
  5. Ensuring a TWO way communication with new MC
  6. Major financial decisions, basis mass opinion
  7. Transparency in actions that affect daily life including security.
  8. Considering feasibility of a permanent staff to manage day to day routine affairs.
  9. Clear guidelines on modifications and Grills etc. to stop harrassments
  10. Clear guidelines on interior modifications to stop harrassments
  11. Sharing income expenditure statement every 3 months
  12. Emphasis on exploring means and ways to stop theft
  13. Simplified rules for personal parking to stop harrassments
  14. Special Subcommittee to deal with pets & stray animals
  15. Collecting inputs for extra income sources for Society
  16. Spreading Basic understanding of bylaws in simplified form.
  17. To address the discriminations meted out with residents so far
  18. Periodically update the status of Case against the builder
  19. Prioritizing the Society Property to make into Register II of govt (Actual Conveyance)
  20. Prioritizing Share Certificate to all by addressing SEAL Issue
  21. Ensuring the lifts functional to rule out frequent breakdowns
  22. Prioritizing the 10 year long water leakage issue.
  23. Easy Access to MC and Society Records

It’s no denying fact that the noble goals stated above are a bit difficult but considering the strong willingness of the volunteers to serve the society AND your consistent support we will make it achievable. Please remember the list of goodness is not exhaustive and your inputs too will find place with due respect.

Why at All, the V Club was Required?

After months of studies it occurred to the volunteers that the roots of all the evils rested in Autocracy & oligarchy. On the top whenever, there was a meeting, it was frequently hijacked by some particular set of people. And, the result?? Your voice remained unheard.

Different rules for different individuals, Cronyism, flawed interpretations of rules to harass, ignoring mass opinion and arbitrariness in conducting society affairs are few of the experiences we all have been through.

People staying here have all done something exceptional in their respective domains. But, what if you are told “first read the bylaw of the society and, then come to meeting; you have come un-prepared!”.  The result?? You were shocked to know that it is your own home!

As most of us have been through the irony with the glimpse above, the larger section of residents have volunteered to bring you the change you must be anxiously waiting for. The agenda of the volunteers agreeing to contest election few days from now includes the following. Please remember this is not the exhaustive and your inputs too will find place with due respect.

Check, if Our Agenda is a Poll Bait or a Well Thought About?

Check out the insider view of the Group chats and it should give you an ample impression of what V club stands for and as to how affairs will be taken up by it in the larger interest of residents.

Group Chat Link1
Group Chat Link2

Appeal from All Valencia Owners

1. Please come forward to support the ideology and VOTE for V Club contestants, all having one single Election Symbol that i.e, STAR.

2. Contact any of our V club members and become part of our ideology.

3. Please remember, the V Club is not restricted to existing 45. Anyone who subscribes idea of Transparency, Democracy, Power decentralization can join us.

4. Many of us are not here for long stay but before we leave or, sell our flats, lets forge together to lay foundation of a mechanism that will keep taking care of Valencia in truly equitable way.

Long Live, V Club !

VOTE for V Club !!

VOTE for a Change, You Deserve!!!

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Ganesh Bade · August 24, 2022 at 12:06 pm

This looks good! I have different opinion on one para “Although, the Vclub is non-elected group of people, it will enjoy the supreme authority for the candidates nominated by it even after they get elected. Meaning, debate and discussions in V Club will be a pre-requisite for MC to decide things. Be it, change of security, bringing in a renovation project, signing new AMCs, charging the additional maintenance etc.”

In society affairs MC is final authority. We can mention same content by removing V club name. This says that there is extra constitutional authority. We can emphasis the bottom up approach by removing V club name.

Mentioning clear authority of V club gives feeling that history is getting repeated and now pressure group will be of 45 members instead of earlier 4/5 members

    VClub · August 25, 2022 at 1:38 am

    What triggers your doubts, has merits but things can be taken with following clarity:
    1.Is V Club a signing authority – Not permitted under law
    2. Has V Club voting rights within the MC members- Not permitted under law
    3. Is V club any extra- statutory body- Not permitted under law
    4. What is then V Club- It’s a nursery for Volunteers who can actually sacrifice time in the society’s interest. It is empowering body to help people realize that managing the society affairs has less to do with knowledge and more with purity of intentions.
    5. Isn’t V club another Oligarchy- Current membership is 45+ but is not restricted to this, as amply clear under larger description that it is ever expanding, the max size can encompass entire Valencia owners eventually.
    6. Is V Club a Pressure group- Yes, but with small tweaks that it will take up any issue for debates and polls, even coming from Non V Club members.
    7. How V Club is supreme authority- The Group relies on Public Opinion (earlier heavily discounted) and that will impact the functioning and decision of MC. It has a role even in the post facto scenario of decisions already been taken. If any decision taken by MC is apprehended arbitrary, will find place in the enlightened V Club for debate and poll and could be reverted.
    8. Can V club change the decisions of MC- The MC will have to. The only immunity from Public Opinion (Vox populi) is enjoyed by Judiciary. And, that too is changing as you see in the case of 11 rapist walking free. If Judiciary is not sacrosanct, the executive stand nowhere. Most importantly, the MC is not even part of true executive and it has to fall in the line of Popular onion. Objectives of the Society Act may be referred for more clarity.
    9. Why then you termed V club as Supreme Authority- First because, it’s the very nature of Manifesto, to keep things succinct (more in less words), V Club is capable of fielding its own candidates nurtured morally, it is a watch dog and, for the everything stated in earlier paras.

Smita · August 24, 2022 at 12:15 pm

“Considering feasibility of a permanent staff to manage trivial affairs”

Can the word trivial here be replaced with – day to day routine affairs?

    VClub · August 25, 2022 at 1:42 am

    Replaced !

Sastendra Singh · August 24, 2022 at 12:23 pm

Key points
1. Two communication will rebuilt for transparency
2. Publishing financial Qtrly if not monthly
3. Easy Access to MC
4. Scraping of old laws which is not relevant.
5. Society security prime objective with action plan
6. Fixing up issues with defined timeline

    VClub · August 25, 2022 at 1:54 am


    Point No. 3 is added (It is inherent in the NEW WORKING STYLE of Upcoming MC dominated by V clubian, but yes why people should struggle to decipher)
    Point Number 1 & 2. are already there.
    Point Number 4 .. Will have to check potential conflict with model bylaws provided by state.
    Point 5 & 6 are inherent, V Club will surely guide in coming up with one.

Kiran B303 · August 24, 2022 at 12:31 pm

Agree with the opinion that we shouldnt convey that vclub is a overarching body…maybe we can rephrase saying that the vclub will be a vehicle for collecting consensus opinion from the wider society members through easy to participate mediums and giving strategic guidance to the management committee.Also suggest translating it to hindi and marathi to maximize the coverage

    VClub · August 25, 2022 at 2:02 am

    Truly insightful!
    It’s partly answered in response to Sh. Ganesh Bade’s Enquiry.
    Translating to other languages and especially vernaculars, is highly efficacious idea. Please go ahead and do the translations. I guess we have no dearth of assistance from around.

Ajay Pillai · August 24, 2022 at 1:02 pm

The reasons:  Autocratic, Unresponsive and Discriminatory style of Management!
Edit – The Reasons: Autocratic, Unreasonable, Derogatory, Unresponsive and Discriminatory style of Management!

Earlier MC decided and the residents followed, henceforth mass will debate and decide and MC will have to implement. 
Edit – We have been used to do what the earlier MC would enforce; let’s bring in change; let’s bring in a system where mass will debate and decide and the MC will implement; let’s bring in an MC who fundamentally is democratic!

V club will also take up the unheard voices and discriminations, earlier a quite normal thing.
Edit – V Club will ensure that unheard voices are heard and discriminations a thing of the past.

Please remember the list of goodness is not exhaustive and your inputs too will find place with due respect.
Edit – We are sure that these in the above list has been in debates for a very long time and half hearted or misguided attempts have been made to fulfil some of them in the past without us getting timely updates. We can ensure that the progress of these and all the future tasks will be tracked and provide timely.

    VClub · August 25, 2022 at 2:24 am

    Wow, beautiful paraphrasing and the master of a good Vocab!
    V club truly admires the faculties uncommonly seen!!

    However, when I was trying to replace the existing stuff, the much required brevity got into the way (as per my training for copywriting). So, I was able to do only minor cosmetics.

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