Dear Valencia Co-Owner(s)!

The Volunteering forum, Vclub has got an overwhelming support to the Cause of transforming Valencia in a truly democratic society.

We have reached out to 95% of Co-owners and no one was found happy with the state of affairs in Valencia.

Opinion polls in the recent past are also indicative of the fact, that majority have different opinion from that of the Managing Committee.

In the root of the problem lies, ignoring of common man opinions by MC and discouraging the individual owners for asking questions.

So, the culture of experts few must go, decision making be democratized, opinions be respected and collective participation be promoted. 

Vclub today a forum of 60+ co-owners, is fighting for the mass aspirations and has fielded its own candidates all with STAR symbol, in election tomorrow i.e, Sept 11, 2022.

          Detailed Manifesto of Vclub is here:

However, as we respect dissenting views too, no need to read this whole appeal if you are happy with how Management Committee has functioned earlier.

          But if you are unhappy with state of affairs, please read on.  

STAR Symbol of Vclub Candidates

What is V Club and Why Was it Needed at All?

We are a owners’ group numbering 62 as on date, who have suffered at the hands of outgoing MC. Our ideology is very simple and that is turning around the decision making process that otherwise have made life difficult. It is a bottom -up approach of society administration. It is about collective participation in society affairs and making the life simpler. It’s about an approach that uses society bye-laws for honouring individual’s dignity and larger welfare and not to harass one.

This all is in direct contrast to how MC has functioned here. Usually, three to Four People took a decision and all of us were forced to follow that. If someone raised the voice, it was told that he/she needed to refer a particular bye-law. We are here to promise that Opinions and decisions will be all yours and the MC will act as per public opinions. Any new charges, a new project, a purchase, change in security, everywhere you will have a say.   

Present association of victimized 60+ has have come up with an open manifesto wherein, it is amply highlighted that any owner can join Vclub and contribute to the well-being of society.

What The Opposition is Doing?

Very strangely, the new ideology of overhauling the society functioning is not acceptable to few and they instead want the earlier ‘Experts Few’ legacy to go on. You can identify them as promoting experts with 24×7 availability.

Earlier, these people would have come to you for VOTES first at individual level and now have joined hands together to disrupt the ‘Mission Democratic Valencia’ that we aim for. Let us inform you that there is already a survey in place that has rejected their experts’ way of running the society.

Earlier they campaigned that they don’t promote groupism (targeting our Vclub which is not the case as it is natural alliance of victims and ideological fraternity) but afterwards all got clubbed together to essentially create groupism with no ideology except discarded expert culture.

The common force that binds together all 6 in opposition together is the outgoing MC which somehow wants to be in power through these 6 in opposition. They are making calls to people to cast VOTE for experts few and derail the mission Transparency.

  •           Is this not Proxy playing?
  •           Is this not the remote-control governance?
  •           Is this not the use of others Shoulders for their own vested interests?

Last night posters you all must have seen, drawing comparison between their candidates and ours. Let us again clarify that there is no comparison between the two sides. Choosing STAR is not about choosing yet another MC, it’s about common man at the centre and MC to take command from.

The proxy power is also into telling you that if STAR comes in majority, can later also abuse power. Please be informed that this is pure misguiding. Manifesto at  is very clear about the power decentralization as our ethos,  that is snatching the power from MC and giving power back to you. MC is to take command from you.

The Reaction of Vclub STAR Pariwar at Opposition Gimmicks

1.Model of society administration projected by Opposition is not comparable with ours. Theirs is no different from the earlier which has made people’s life difficult. You cannot compare two non-Comparable concepts. Theirs is power centric, ours is decentralized system.

2, Our philosophy is COMPLETELY OPPOSITE to how Valencia has functioned during last 8 years. Our mechanism ensures that actual power does not rest with MC.

3. Our proposition is to run Valencia by everyone’s expertise, cooperation & collective participation and not by few members of MC.  

4. We want EXPERT culture to go and ensure everyone’s opinion is honoured. We have though experts of diverse fields but they never boast of being as such.

5. We have time compounding mechanism in place that aggregates huge number of dedicated hours for society work.  Lets’ understand that 50x2hr always works out bigger than 2x24hr. Where we assume these latter 2 are So called experts 24×7 available.

6. Everyone in Valencia is expert of their respective field. Let’s not test a Leopard’s prowess in water while comparing with a Whale. Collective expertise is more powerful. Calling a person expert is simply laughable. Governance requires experts of various fields.

The Need of Hour: What Best You Can Do?

If you are seriously thinking about welfare of society and the owners, VOTE only for the candidates with STAR symbol. You will find 8 General Category Candidates and 2 in Women Category on ballot paper with STAR symbol. Use your precious votes judiciously and help the ideology of transparency, democracy and inclusivity win.

Out of 13 to be elected, 6 candidates are default winners from Vclub giving it a majority but we are aiming for a maximum 12 in order to make democratic Valencia a reality.

Need of hour is to VOTE for STAR candidates: 8 candidates in General and 2 candidates in ladies category.  It’s time to get rid of expert culture, autocracy, discrimination and abuse of power. Let the common man rule themselves, allow not to hand over the power to a select few called Traditional MC

Here is Summary of What Tops our Priorities

  1. Welcoming of new owner
  2. Handing over a list of what makes becoming a co-resident 
  3. Simplification of NOC process.
  4. Creating a Supportive atmosphere for tenants
  5. Ensuring a TWO way communication with new MC
  6. Major financial decisions, basis mass opinion
  7. Transparency in actions that affect daily life including security.
  8. Considering feasibility of a permanent staff to manage day to day routine affairs.
  9. Clear guidelines on modifications and Grills etc. to stop harrassments
  10. Clear guidelines on interior modifications to stop harrassments
  11. Sharing income expenditure statement every 3 months
  12. Emphasis on exploring means and ways to stop theft
  13. Simplified rules for personal parking to stop harrassments
  14. Special Subcommittee to deal with pets & stray animals
  15. Collecting inputs for extra income sources for Society
  16. Spreading Basic understanding of bylaws in simplified form.
  17. To address the discriminations meted out with residents so far
  18. Periodically update the status of Case against the builder
  19. Prioritizing the Society Property to make into Register II of govt (Actual Conveyance)
  20. Prioritizing Share Certificate to all by addressing SEAL Issue
  21. Ensuring the lifts functional to rule out frequent breakdowns
  22. Prioritizing the 10 year long water leakage issue.
  23. Easy Access to MC and Society Records

Read Complete Manifesto Here:

Also Check Sample Ballot Paper and Identify Our STAR Candidates Before You Cast Your Vote!


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