“Go clean your Intestines naturally, if you want to get rid of your abdominal worries forever”. This is what my life mate told me a weeks back one fine morning when I didn’t put up bright face. But I was never sure what was he telling me and how would I go about. But, as normally happens hubbies do not divulge anything casually unless they have some serious workout in the background. And, it turned out same was the case with my husband too. Mahi had some good read about the natural intestinal cleansing from internet which I came to know later. Basically, he knew my problems so in the hindsight he had done certain diligence to come up with a solution. This post is all about having tried the method for myself and a commitment to spread the advantages of natural intestinal cleansing through proven Shankha Prakshalana Method.

What is Shankha Prakshalana?

Shankha Prakshalana / Shankhaprakshalana is the most traditional way to cleanse your intestines naturally. This natural and free of medicine method has been in practice since ages in India. Basically, digestive health is integral to feeling happy, healthy, and well. Intestines that includes colon as important organ has very important say in the digestive health. Cleansing colon naturally or cleansing bowels naturally are very much synonymous with Shankha Prakshalana in Yoga. Intestine Cleansing can cure and keep away a number of ailments. The process of cleansing the intestines without medication is what world is after today.

Originally, Maharshi Gheranda in legendary Gheranda Samhita has explained this Yogic Kriya in detail. Literal meaning of shankha is “conch”. The word shankha intends to represent the intestines with their cavernous and coiled shape. And prakshalana means “to wash completely”. For the purpose of this yogic exercise we use lukewarm salted water and five asanas in a precise order.

Thus, Shankha Prakshalana is a yogic cleaning practice for your gastro intestinal tract. This involves cleansing and purifying of digestive tract from mouth to anus. The end result of this yogic exercise is that you get a baby like clean and healthy intestinal tract. And this is possible within merely 1 to one and half hour of practice. Essentially, it is a wholesome purging technique for Gastrointestinal Tract. Most importantly, you are able achieving this without any kind of medication & without any side effects.

The Core to Clean Your Intestines Naturally through Shankha Prakshalana

For the yogic practice, first of all a practitioner starts with drinking lukewarm saline water up to 1 litre (4-5 glass). And then comes asanas in the following order:  Udagra Tadasana, Tiryak Tadasana, Katichakrasana, Tiryak Bhujangasana and Udarakarshan respectively. Consuming lukewarm water and following the asanas in the specific order you are able to clean the intestines naturally.

You are expected to practice each asana 10 times. Care has to be taken that this shouldn’t be in a hurry and steps within an asana should last up to 5 breaths. After each set of 5 asanas you will be having a litre of water or the amount you can consume and then next set of asanas would start over. Ideally, you should prolong the practice up to the 7-10 sets and consume 7 to 10 litres (25-30 glass) of water eventually. The ultimate goal is to experience faeces coming out in the form of liquid/ water. Achieving this state of passing motion expels mucous, sticky toxins and hardened stuff leaving your villi fully clean. The process is time consuming and you should do things at ease without stress and hurry.

Steps to Clean Your Intestines Naturally

Keep ready 7-10 litre of lukewarm water with rock salt into it easily tasting saline. Squeeze a lemon into the water to avoid feeling of vomit during the exercise.

In fact, you might find many versions of how much water to consume and when to take it. But, the manner and order I have jotted down here is the one I have practiced for myself and is most prescribed.

Start with taking five glass (1 litre approx.) of water and go on doing the rounds of asanas in the manner explained above. Drink 1 litre of water and start the asanas in order, each Asana 10 times. Each asana involves positions within; maintain each position for 5 breaths; do not be in hurry.

Exact Order of Asanas
  1. Udagra Tadasan (Vertical Stretching)
  2. Tiryak Tadasan (Sideways Bending)
  3. Kati Chakrasan (Waist Twisting)
  4. Tiryak Bhujangasan(Sideways Twisting like Snake)
  5. Udar Akarshan Asan (Abdominal Twisting)

    The Five Asanas Under Shankha Prakshalana

Idea is to start with consuming a litre of water, complete a set of 5 asanas and then again have water before you start over. Do not consume more than you can hold. You can choose to have only half litre of water at a time. Just prolong your rounds of asanas so as to consume 7-10 litres of water in the process. Usually, this much of water goes into stomach alongside rounds of asanas to achieve water like defecation.

It is highly likely that in the middle of completing the 7-10 sets of asanas you feel the urge to go for defecation. In such case, you should leave for defecation dropping the practice. While defecating exert no pressure in passing the motion. Let the fecal material pass at ease. Come back to the practice, consume water and start over again from the point you left. Eventually, you should defecate water which is your goal at the end of Shankha Prakshalana.

After water like defecation, lay down on the yoga mat for half an hour. Relax your body and intestines but do not go sleep. In fact, after each set of 5 asanas you can relax in Shavasana for 2-5 minutes.

Have moong daal khichadi (with no spices, turmeric could be there a bit) with a spoon of Cow Ghee after Shankha Prakshalan.

You can do Shankha prakshalana once in a month for cleansing of your intestines and digestive system.

Physiological Explanation for Shankha Prakshalana

Every yogic kriya has scientific explanation behind and so is the Shankha Prakshalan. If you serious about cleansing intestines by something that you knew little before, understanding the mechanism of, is crucial. Accordingly, I thought giving you physiological insight of Shankha Prakshalana. This section will let you know the impact of executing steps and that of having water physiologically.  Also, the scientific clue as to why the things are executed in a certain manner.

Why Lukewarm Saline Water in First Place?

As a biological fact, due to presence of salt, your intestines do not absorb water quickly. Result, is that water remains ready to move forward smoothly. Also, because of lukewarm water, sticky stool, mucus and foodstuffs etc. are dissolved faster once soaked into. The lukewarm saline water gives bulk to the hardened and sticky stuff. Thus, it creates an environment wherein, all these fecal material can no longer stay stagnant. Even a weak peristalsis activity inside intestine urge the stuff inside to get into motion.

Tadasana (Udagra)

Tadasana or mountain pose is stretching your body vertically. Let us understand why tadasana first? This is because tadasana opens the pyloric sphincter muscle (Valve) which is a valve of stomach that controls the flow between abdomen and small intestine. Thus, as it opens due to tadasana, water at that moment enters into the small intestine.


It is about stretching and bending on either side left & right alternatively. This second asana that you perform after tadasana is tiryaktadasana. Let us understand how this affects. Our intestine configuration is like cavernous or like coiled shape. The process of Tiryaktadasana twists both sides of intestinal layers to allow water into layers of small intestines. For allowing water movement onwards this asana contracts both sides of intestinal layers repeatedly. This makes water enter into the intestinal layers easily. The idea is to allow the passage of water further down.


It is the third asana and happens right after Tiryaktadasan. This asana twists whole muscle of intestines to promote downward movement of water. Owing to pressure induced by twisting in katichakrasana, water passes downward readily.


Fourth asana of shankh Prakshalana is Tiryakbhujangasana. This asana opens the ileocecal sphincter muscle, a valve that separates small intestine and large intestine. The valve also restricts the backflow of large intestine stuff into small intestine. By Tiryakbhujangasana, the ileocecal valve opens up and saline water enters into large intestine.


Fifth and last asana of Shankha Prakshalana Kriya is udarakarshana. It squeezes intestines due to which contraction & relaxation occurs within gastro intestinal tract. The large intestine faces the maximum squeezing and you know this is what most desired.

The end result of these all asanas when completed with intake of lukewarm water is free passage of fecal material through anal opening. The sticky, stagnant stool and mucus are eliminated along with saline water from gastrointestinal tract.

Advantages of Cleansing the Intestines through Shankha Prakshalana

The traditional life science of India is very categorical about the importance of a clean intestine. Almost all the branches of natural therapy in India emphasizes on healthy gastrointestinal system. In fact, they all unanimously view that malfunctioning GI is the route cause of body ailments. Keeping in view, this section lets you know the larger benefits of Shankha Prakshalana- the natural cleansing of Intestines.

Good Bowel Movement

Since this exercise washes whole intestinal tract completely, the peristalsis movement becomes normal. Actually, peristalsis movement is a series of progressive wavelike contractions in intestinal tract. Essentially, which helps pass fecal stuffs forwards and a smooth passing of motion. Hence, it Shankha Prakshalana promotes good bowel movement.

Reduces Bile Pool and Cholesterol

Duodenum is the first part of small intestine where bile comes from gallbladder and mix with food for digestion. Due to good bowel movement in place, food passes forward easily from duodenum. The passing food keeps getting bile continuously and digestion is adequately facilitated inside duodenum.  Also, because of this no obstruction occurs in duodenum. Good bowel movement ensures that bile acid pool is emptied into duodenum from gallbladder as per need easily. Essentially, this reduces bile acid pool. Further, as you know cholesterol is the main ingredient for generation of bile. Therefore, Cholesterol is used up in bile formation frequently. End effect is that, level of cholesterol reduces also after successful Shankha Prakshalana.

Increasing Hemoglobin

Sometimes stagnant mucous prohibits absorption of ferrous ion and works as ferritin curtain. As a result, iron quantity reduces in the body which is unhealthy state of affairs for your well being. The practice of Phankha Prakshalana removes stagnant mucous. Obviously, in the process, ferritin curtain is eliminated and absorption of ferrous ion increases in the body. Hence, level of iron increases in body and formation of hemoglobin increases eventually.

Parasympathetic Dominance Increases

In fact, Phankha Prakshalana offers complete cleansing of your intestinal tract.  And, your gastro intestinal tract becomes like a new born baby’s one. In such desirable state, multifarious hormonal balance takes place for homeostasis. As a result, the balancing effect on hormones induces parasympathetic dominance also.

Parasympathetic dominance is your natural state of being.  It requires a coherent brain and nervous system.  It is about immunity and brain chemistry that helps your complete well-being. You can think of parasympathetic state as being relaxed, feeling present, paying attention, be aware of the now. It’s where you are when playing with the kids or making love.

The parasympathetic system is responsible for stimulation of many biological and physiological activities which are of utmost importance for your optimal well-being. Biological activities like rest-and-digest”, “feed and breed” and fight-or-flight response, sexual arousal, salivation, lacrimation (tears), urination, digestion and defecation etc are possible because of Parasympathetic dominance. The practice of Shankha Prakshalna promotes these essentials for your healthy-being.

Unfortunately, as you grow you start living in sympathetic dominance. By this, your body is reacting to most situations as a present danger. Being on alert, seeing life as a struggle for survival, wears you out. You lose the ability to move in and out of stress. You have hard time getting back to the recovery phase and back where we all thrive – the state of parasympathetic dominance.

There could be many ways to get to parasympathetic dominance. playing, meditation, relaxation techniques, and reading good books etc. Shankha Prakshalana provides base environment for all this. Adaptogenic herbs are also helpful to flow into the recovery phase of a stress response.

Clean Your Intestines Naturally through Shankha Prakshalan Comes With Precautions

Precautions and due care are crux to make the entire practice of Shankha Prakshalana a success. Here are some of the them:

  • Practice of Shankha Prakshalana has to be done after 8-10 hours of meal. Obviously, because you have to allow the food digested and moved to Large Intestine. Before 8 hours food eaten still lies in abdomen or small intestine.
  • Persons with high/ low BP, gastritis, peptic ulcers, weak kidneys, kidney stones, diabetes, hernia, weakness, pregnancy should avoid this practice. Highly advisable to perform the entire workout under expert’s supervision. Intake of salted water for person having BP issue may have adverse effect. Also, certain asanas may not go well with certain medical conditions.
  • After completing targeted sets of asanas and achieving near water Motion, you must relax in Shavasan for 30 minutes.
  • Avoid eating anything for next 1.30 hrs. and have khichri (rice + moong/ lentils) essentially mixing a spoonful of pure cow ghee after that. Eating this meal at correct time is essential.
  • Do not eat fast food, Junk food and spicy food for days to follow. Instead, have only easy digesting foods. Intestines are very sensitive after Shankha Prakshalana; so, have only easily digestible food. Avoid milk, cheese, raw fruit and vegetables, black tea, coffee and other gas-forming foods for 3-5 days.
  • Consider taking physical rest for the hours of day to follow after cleansing exercise. Be gentle to stomach, body and mind. Do not get under mental stress either for the day.
  • You might not feel urge of bowel movement for few days to follow. In such a case, drink lukewarm-unsalted water and perform the asanas of Shanka Prakshalana. Most likely, practice of one set of asanas should suffice.

Clean Your Intestines Naturally and Videos

Nothing can explain you better that videos from the expert of the field. I also happened to learn the whole process and precise Asanas from a couple of videos. Here are few of my favourites:

1. Precise technique to perform Asanas – I loved the clarity of asanas in the video.

2. Shankha Prakshalana as a part of Shatkarma in Yoga- Swami Ramdev

3. Shankha Prakshalan – for All Digestive Disorders- BY Adinath Sahstri 

4. Shankha Prakshalan Live- from Yogadarshanam

Additional Resources:

Easier way to do Udarakarshan Asana

Benefits of Maha Shankh Prakshalan ( Cleaning of the 32 feet digestive system)

Maha Shankh Prakshalan (MSP) can continue for 6-7 day long session. The prolonged form of Shankha Prakshalan is believed to be extremely beneficial for acidity, low immunity, chronic problems etc. It has to be done mostly done under the guidance of expert, gurus and doctors.

Clean Your Intestines Naturally and Final Words on Shankha Prakashalana

Shankha Prakshalana is fast gaining prominence due to growing awareness in masses on natural ways to cure health abnormality. The process is extremely popular and effective to make your body toxic free in a natural way.

Yogic Kriya has been central to the teachings of yoga gurus in India since time immemorial. However, Swami Ramadev, his contemporary and their disciples have brought Yoga into mainstream. Inspiration is such that a number of yoga student are on humanitarian outreach programs. The aim of their awareness program is to offer humanity an innocuous way to revive your body and health.

Originally, I was fitness crazy, mostly obsessed about gyming. But, my late introduction to these asanas and practices have impacted from deep inside. Now I am on to reconsider my ways of living healthy. In fact, I have started believing yoga as holistic way to keep yourself healthy. No lifestyle came close to yoga lifestyle for your complete well being.

Speak your mind in the comment section to improve the quality of information I compiled. Essentially, your comments are the inspiration to help me keep spreading the good in greater interest of humanity.

Shankha Prakshalana is The Ultimate Natural Way to get rid of Constipation and Subsequent Issues

Fast changing lifestyle has gifted two common ailments to large majority but they are discussed least, terming them as taboo. Honestly speaking, this approach is going to kill you seriously from inside out. If you can’t guess right the gifts I referred above, are constipation and haemorrhoids. The second one follows the first.

Problem of constipation tells upon your health and takes away happiness from you. Your face represents your agony the best. However, most of us have natural inhibition to not tell anybody about, not even to our closest ones. Survey reveal that there are at least 85% people suffering from either constipation or haemorrhoids or both. And, sadly, most victims are dependent on over the counter medicines for temporary relief.

If you see the scary picture and looking into some permanent solution please mark it. Our very own, yogic & & indian way of CLEANSING & DETOXING of GI system, Shankha Prakshalana is the way to go. Learn the asanas master them get benefited and share the post in larger interest of the humanity.

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